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Melina Wendlandt - The Perfect Tattoo Artist For Linework Fans

From delicate flowers to animals and graphic patterns- her art will draw attention of every linework fan.

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Melina Wendlandt is a young tattoo artist from Germany, Hamburg, who creates charming linework tattoos. Drawing has been Melina's passion since childhood and this is beautifully reflecting in her tattoo work. After three and a half years of practice, she now owns a tattoo studio Vaders.Dye Tattoo. Melina is specializing in graphic motives and tattoos only in black. She also does delicate script tattoos in her own handwriting.


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    Kerti Suur
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    Kerti Suur
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    Linework cat head by Melina Wendlandt cat cathead portrait linework dotwork  btattooing fineline MelinaWendlandt
    Linework cat head by Melina Wendlandt #cat #cathead #portrait #linework #dotwork # btattooing #fineline #MelinaWendlandt
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