Solid Marquesan Tribal Tattoos by Marco Wallace

Inspired by traditional Polynesian tattooing the work of Marco Wallace looks great.

21inkedd10 months ago in Tattoo Artists

Bold shapes and dark shading bring Wallace's tribal tattoos to life.

Tattoo artist Marco Wallace has a brilliant tribal style inspired by traditional Polynesian designs, specifically of Marquesan origin. Marquesan tattooing originated from the Marquesas Islands of the South Pacific and they are a primary influence/inspiration on the work of Wallace.  

Filled with bold shapes and solid shading Wallace's tattoos embody a classic Polynesian look and stay true to an ancient art form. Whether a sleeve, chest piece or hand tattoo Wallace does it with the same composed finish that makes his tribal tattoos something special. 

Definitely, an inspiring artist! You can see more of Wallace's work over on Instagram so remember to head over and give him a follow!