Superb Traditional Tattoos By Marcelina Urbańska

Every tattoo by Marcelina Urbanska has a clean traditional style that'll leave you wanting to see more.

21inkedd8 months ago in Tattoo Artists

Dark shading and beautiful highlights are used brilliantly in every tattoo by Marcelina Urbańska.

Tattoo artist Marcelina Urbańska has a wonderful traditional style that's a little different to the old school designs that you might be used to. With fine detail, dark shading and gorgeous color highlights- Urbanska creates some incredible tattoos that have a real clean look. Urbanska's subtle use of color as a highlight is clearly what brings these designs to life and gives them an extra touch of depth. 

Although be sure to scroll down and get a good look at some superb traditional tattoos with a little extra something.

An artist most certainly worth more of your time- Urbanska can be followed on Instagram where more amazing tattoos await you.