Tattooed Plus Model Dallas Valentine Is A Real Heartbreaker

Tattooed Plus Model Dallas Valentine Is A Real Heartbreaker

Dallas Valentine is a Canadian tattoo model with stunning looks and a gorgeous full figure. So, this is an interview with the lady herself.

Dallas Valentine is a stunning femme fatale with gorgeous pinup looks and a killer full figure who smolders in every photo she's in. This girl is a total knockout and after contacting her for this interview I discovered... she is also a complete sweetheart. Dallas has graced the cover of magazines like Drive In Magazine and Vintage Kittens and rocks her American Traditional tattoos she has all over her curvaceous figure. As a model Dallas can be versatile with her looks from classic pinup to edgy alternative modelling. Ladies and gents... meet Dallas Valentine.

Sarah Calavera:  At what age did you start getting tattoos and why?

Dallas Valentine: I started getting tattooed when I was 17 by an artist who still currently works on me. I don't quite know why I started getting tattooed, I know it was a different art form for me.

"It was a way to showcase who I was, remind me of battles and strengths and honestly, the more I get tattooed the more I feel like myself"

SC: What do you like about the traditional American style tattoos?

DV: American traditional I just find stunningly beautiful. It's classic, and never goes out of style. I love the bold lines, dark shading and colour pallets used.

SC: When did you realize you wanted to become an alternative model? How did it all start?

DV: Hehehe, I don't know if there was ever a point where I said to myself 'I want to be an alternative model!' It kind of came by fault. Back in high school I was already heavily tattooed and had a lot of friends in photography that wanted to use me as a model for projects they were working on. I was something different, a black sheep of black sheep. Tattooed and plus size; which at 10 years ago, in the town I was in was really not a common occurrence. The more I worked with them the more I found it was extremely enjoyable and creative and it just kind of blossomed from there.

SC: Is there someone you look up to who influenced you in the business?

DV: It's not usually a steady influence, it changes as my creative mood changes. Some big influences that have stood through time though are Shimona of Pin-up Perfection Photography. Her creative juices are just phenomenal and every chance I get to work with her is extraordinary and we create magic! Mosh, one of the Queens of Fetish and Alternative modeling for her ability to be a chameleon. Lars Kommienezuspadt for his breathtaking work and who I dream to work with one day. As of late, Corwin Prescott who manages to capture the beauty of nature and the human form together unlike anyone I have seen before. Mainly photographers who have a style that is just unmistakable and beautiful, who are in love with their passion and make beautiful imagery. That really gets me inspired.

SC: What would you say has been your biggest success so far?

DV: I've been published many times, commercial work, runways, all that jazz. I really would say my biggest accomplishment though is when someone tells me I inspire them, or they look up to. Not that it happens a lot, but it just means so much to me when someone says that. I've felt shitty about myself, I've dealt with depression and rejection and feeling worthless and ugly. So when someone says they look up to you, or admire you, it really does mean a LOT.

"I really would say my biggest accomplishment though is when someone tells me I inspire them, or they look up to"

SC: What has been your greatest challenge?

DV: My challenge I would say is also my strength. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm a black sheep of the black sheep. I'm plus size (and i'm not talking about your lovely full figured size 12 gals, I mean really plus size junk in the trunk big booty gal) and heavily tattooed. Not just a few here and there I can cover up, not a sleeve so I can just model my other side, I mean full on heavily tattooed. When designers are looking for alternative models, tattooed models, they're usually not looking for plus size. And when designers are looking for plus size, they're usually not looking for tattooed ones. I'm a very specific market, which can be very difficult at times. This ties into a strength though, because that's what makes me unique.

SC: Do you have any advice for people looking to become alternative models?

DV: Be unique, be yourself, be adaptable and respect everyone on the set. I mean everyone.

SC: What’s coming up this year for Dallas Valentine?

DV: A few things in the works! Mainly travel, in the next year leaking into 2017 it's looking like New York, Italy and a few places close to home!

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