Throw On Your Power Armor With These Brotherhood of Steel Tattoos!

Love Fallout 4? Then you'll love these tattoos.

21inkedd9 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Fallout tattoos don't get much bolder than these Brotherhood of Steel designs!

The Fallout game series is home to many notable factions, though few are as present and formidable as the Brotherhood of Steel. Descended from remnants of US Military personal the Brotherhood are dedicated to the preservation of humanity, knowledge and technology, they also wear badass power armor and carry big guns! An ever present force in all Fallout games the Brotherhood returned in Fallout 4 and showed a new legion of fans why they mean business. 

Any Fallout fan will be able to appreciate these Brotherhood of Steel tattoos because what's not to love about a power armored beast being tattooed on your skin! Take a look and enjoy that Ad Victoriam ink!