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10 Beastly Anglerfish Tattoos

Anglerfish are the ultimate ocean dwelling badass!

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A beast of a fish, anglerfish tattoos are super awesome. If you're wanting a fish tattoo but don't feel the love for the classic koi or fun goldfish then these anglerfish tattoos maybe provide the inspiration you need! 

A big and badass fish tattoo, anglerfish designs sit at the top of fish tattoo designs and their fierce look is the reason why. Dwelling in the deepest oceans, the anglerfish just looks like such a badass, with its large teeth and stocky build. The fish tattoo that beats all other fish tattoos, anglerfish tattoos won't leave you disappointed. 

A versatile design that suits any number of styles, the anglerfish will leave you with a beast of a tattoo that'll have all eyes on you! Checkout these rad anglerfish tattoos and enjoy some fierce aquatic ink! 

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