10 Cool White Ink Tattoos Perfect For a Black Sleeve!

White ink on a blacked out arm looks awesome!

21inkedd8 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

These designs are the perfect inspiration for anyone interested in white ink tattoos.

In contemporary tattooing, all manner of styles and designs have caught on, but one of the most dramatic has been the rise of the black sleeve. A sleeve of nothing but black ink is certainly a bold choice but one that you won't regret, because let's face it - they look awesome! 

Of course, black sleeves don't have to remain solely black, all it takes is a bit of white ink and you can have one funky looking black and white ink sleeve! 

If you've been thinking of getting your own blacked out sleeve or white ink tattoo then these tattoos will be the perfect thing for you. As inspiring and impressive as they are entertaining these white ink tattoos on blacked out skin look awesome! Check them out and enjoy that quirky body art.