10 Decorative Traditional Tomahawk Tattoos

A symbolic Native American themed tattoo, tomahawk tattoos look awesome!

21inkedd9 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

You can't beat some old school Native American designs.

Tomahawk tattoos have become a very popular Native American themed tattoo to have and one you won't get tired of seeing. The iconic symbolism and look of a tomahawk make it a cool tattoo to have and one that makes a fine addition to any tattoo collection. 

Although suited to a number of styles you really can't beat an old school tomahawk. The bright colors and bold lines of traditional tattooing really bring the tomahawk to life and give it a cool finish. Big or small, an old school tomahawk is always a great tattoo and these 10 designs will show you why! Be sure to let Tattoodo give you a hand in creating your own custom tomahawk design!