Blackwork Octopus Tattoo by Maxwell Alves octopus octopustattoo octopustattoos blackworkoctopus blackworkoctopustattoo blackwork blackworktattoo blackworktattoos darktattoos darkoctopus blackink blackinktattoo MaxwellAlves

10 Great Blackwork Octopus Tattoos

Blackwork octopus tattoos are an intriguing and bold design.

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For centuries the octopus has been a creature of intrigue and myth. With its ability to capture and kill prey with its eight tentacles it has long been a symbol of the death and the underworld, a theme that suits the dark blackwork style perfectly. 

Blackwork octopus tattoos use the dark shades and effects of blackwork to bring the mysterious sea creature to life in ink. Whether done in a bold traditional blackwork style or a more contemporary dotwork, blackwork octopus tattoo is always a great one.

Take some time to enjoy these blackwork octopus tattoos and get some awesome inspiration! 


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