10 Inspiring Patternwork Bodysuit Tattoos

Bodysuit tattoos are always impressive!

21inkedd7 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Big patterns make for some big tattoos.

Bodysuit tattoos never fail to impress, and while a bodysuit isn't for everyone they still make for some fun viewing. There's something about a fully tattooed torso and arms that looks epic. First popularized in classic Japanese tattooing, bodysuit tattoos now cover all bases. Arguably the best bodysuits of the day are the impressive patternwork designs that fill social media and leave you speechless. 

Geometric, tribal, dotwork and blackwork all make for epic bodysuit choices and thankfully we have examples of each to give you endless inspiration. If you're working on a bodysuit yourself or simply want to see some awesome tattoos then checkout these amazing patternwork bodysuits and enjoy!