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10 Inspiring Sirius Black Tattoos

Harry Potter tattoos never cease to amaze and inspire!

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Sirius Black is a fan favorite character and these Sirius Black tattoos really capture his essence.

In the whole Harry Potter universe there are few characters that caught our imaginations as much as Sirius Black, his name alone is insanely cool! A pure blood wizard, Sirius attended Hogwarts with Harry's father and would later become the young wizards godfather. Sadly during the first battle against the dark lord Voldemort Sirius was framed for the betrayal of Harry's parents and the murder of any witnesses, spending 12 years in wizarding prison of Azkaban Sirius would escape to clear his name and fight alongside Harry, only for short while before his death!

A hugely popular character Sirius was brought to life in the movies by legendary actor Gary Oldman, and it is his classy performance that inspires these awesome Sirius Black tattoos. By far some of the coolest Potter tattoos around- these Sirius Black tattoos will have you reaching for the books in no time! 

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