10 Ornamental Nape Tattoos

Looking for some awesome nape tattoo inspiration, well here you go!

21inkedd8 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Beautiful patterns and decorative designs look awesome on your nape! 

Gone are the days where a neck tattoo was the ultimate taboo, at one time, neck tattoos were reserved for the ultimate badass, but these days they're there for anyone that wants one. 

Still, you have to respect a person with a tattoo blasted on their neck. Because one- it can't be covered, and two- they can hurt like hell. Of course, neck tattoos don't just apply to the side and throat, there's also the back...the nape! 

Nape tattoos usually cover the upper back and lower scalp, and while they can be covered to some extent they're still a bold tattoo choice. A popular option for a nape tattoo are ornamental pattern designs, with dotwork and blackwork geometric being more popular styles. If you're thinking of getting one, these ornamental nape tattoos will offer some perfect inspiration.