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10 Outstanding Neo Traditional Skull Tattoos

These tattoos will show you why you need to go neo traditional with you're next tattoo!

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Neo traditional skull tattoos are some of the best skull tattoos around!

Skull tattoos are the classic of classics, they're the tattoo your mom wants you to get the least and the one design you just have to have. A skull is the ultimate tattoo and has the great quality of suiting all styles, whether its the tried and tested traditional or the more contemporary dotwork, a skull can rock it. To help you with some skull inspiration I'm bringing you some outstanding neo traditional skull tattoos! 

The clean, bold look of neo traditional tattooing suits the skull perfectly and allows for some great creativity in the design process. if you've been thinking of getting a skull tattoo then these tattoos will give you some awesome ideas and may even have you pumped on going neo traditional. Check them out and enjoy that solid skull ink. 

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