12 Big and Bold Blast Over Tattoos

Who needs lasers when you can get a kickass blast over tattoo!

21inkedd8 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

You can beat a bold blast over design and these examples will show you why.

When people want to get rid of an old tattoo, the usual options are laser removal or a cover-up, but there is another alternative- a blast over design. Blast over tattoos are designs that go right on top of other tattoos, but unlike cover-ups, they don't fully conceal the tattoo underneath. Instead, the new design sits on top of the old one and has some of its ink and colors showing through. 

Now, while blast over tattoos aren't everyone's cup of tea they still look damn cool and are a creative way of covering older, unwanted designs. If you're thinking of getting one of your own tattoos covered by a blast over design then check out these awesome blast over tattoos for some epic inspiration!