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12 Lovable Ralph Wiggum Tattoos

Simpsons tattoos are big business and offer endless inspiration.

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Ralph Wiggum is one of Springfield's most loved residents and these tattoos prove it.

When you think of the Simpsons you can't help but think of the hilarious yet adorable Ralph Wiggum. The 8 year old son of the police chief Ralph is a fan favorite and Simpsons creator Matt Groening has cited him as his favorite character ever! Known for his dim witted nature and blissfully unaware behavior Ralph is one of the most quoted Simpsons characters and has only gotten better as the series has gone on.  

Perfect for any diehard Simpsons fan, a Ralph Wiggum tattoo is one of the most lovable Simpsons tattoos you'll find. Each Ralph Wiggum tattoo captures a classic Ralph moment. Checkout these awesome Ralph Wiggum tattoos and let them remind you of why Ralph is so damn good! 

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