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15 Sensational Alphonse Mucha Tattoos

Alphonse Mucha tattoos recreate iconic works of art in ink.

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Art Nouveau tattoos don't get better than a Mucha inspired piece. 

Czech painter Alphonse Mucha is considered one of the most important art nouveau artists to have lived. Known for his distinct and decorative style that uses sharp detail and beautiful colors, Mucha created many posters, illustrations, advertisements, postcards and designs. His work is so popular that you've probably seen it many times before but never knew who it was by. 

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Jobs Cigarette Poster by Alphonse Mucha mucha alphonsemucha artnoveau artist art classicart
Jobs Cigarette Poster by Alphonse Mucha #mucha #alphonsemucha #artnoveau #artist #art #classicart

Such is the level of popularity of Mucha's work that it has since become a popular source of inspiration for many art nouveau themed tattoos. Primarily featuring the beautiful Mucha style girl, Mucha tattoos are a classy design filled with timeless artistic flair and provide some awesome inspiration. Checkout these stunning Mucha tattoos and see which design you like best. 

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