Excited tattooed welsh men celebrating in France. By Joe Giddens/PA

A Tattoo Farewell to One of the Best Teams of the EURO 2016

Unfortunately Wales was defeated 2-0 by Portugal in a very tense and passionate game!

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Even though Wales did an amazing job at defending and keeping Cristiano Ronaldo & Co. at bay, it only took 3 minutes for the Portuguese to seal their place in the finals on Sunday! The first half was very well defended by Gareth Bale and the Welsh team. They managed to get some good shots at the goal but the defence had trouble handling the constant dribbles, passes and runs of Ronaldo and Nani. 

Let's kick the tribute off with a cool welsh red dragon tattoo!

Nicolas Schulz
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Redesigned Welsh Dragon Tattoo Euro2016 euro16 wales walesfootball
Redesigned Welsh Dragon Tattoo #Euro2016 #euro16 #wales #walesfootball

Even though Wales lost to England in the group stages like the tattoo below shows, the welsh managed to play a better Euro! 

One welsh man went beyond borders by getting two commemorative tattoos of his team's success. 

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Nicolas Schulz
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Nicolas Schulz
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The dedicated Mark Jones got a cool tattoo! dedication euro16 fantattoo wales walesfootball
The dedicated Mark Jones got a cool tattoo! #dedication #euro16 #fantattoo #wales #walesfootball

In the end, Wales had an amazing run at their first international competition since the World Cup in 1958. We salute you Wales for offering us some very entertaining football and for going further than England!

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