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Behind The Scenes of BLINK with Ami James

We are super hyped about our first BLINK episode and we hope you'll enjoy this behind the scenes look at Ami's Samurai Frog tattoo.

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The very first episode of BLINK features Ami James tattooing an EPIC Samurai Frog on Johan Plenge (Joe), the CEO of Tattoodo.


Japanese tattoos traditionally have a lot of meaning and symbolism. The frog as a motif is an auspicious creature, who brings good fortune, fertility, and rain. The sound of the Japanese word for frog - kaeru - relates to the word 'return', which can symbolize the return of fortune, as well as safe returns from journeys and adventures. The fertility aspect might be explained by the fact that frogs can lay a tremendous amount of eggs - about 20,000 at a time!  Frogs are also widely considered to have magical powers and symbolize the God of Rainfall - which is especially important for Japan's rich harvests of rice and soy.


From Tattoodo App
From Tattoodo App
Work in progress WIP BLINK behindthescenes
Work in progress #WIP #BLINK #behindthescenes

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From Tattoodo App
The tattoo in progress WIP BLINK behindthescenes BTS
The tattoo in progress #WIP #BLINK #behindthescenes #BTS

Check out the full video below!

Stay tuned for more BLINKs!



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