Bejeweled Cute Animal Tattoos by Ashley Luka

Bejeweled Cute Animal Tattoos by Ashley Luka

Cute and colorful animal-friendly tattoos for animal lovers by Ashley Luka from Birmingham, UK.

Ashley Luka is widely known for her beautiful renditions of different animals in a light, colorful and sophisticated manner, decorating them in beautiful, pastel-colored florals and jewelry. 

I love how she portrays each animal with beauty and love, as Ashley Luka herself is a self-proclaimed vegan and is an advocate for the safety and well-being of animals.

If you love animals too and see them as friends and not food, or you have a dear pet you wish to make a memorial tattoo of, then you'll definitely love these pretty and dainty animal tattoos by Ashley Luka. Spread the love! 

For more works, follow on instagram: @Ashleyluka

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