Crisp Dotwork Tattoos By Mark Ostein

Crisp Dotwork Tattoos By Mark Ostein

Beautiful designs and delicate dotwork!

The dotwork tattoos of Mark Ostein will not disappoint. 

Contemporary tattoo artist Mark Ostein is an artist you can get behind and it only takes one look at his dotwork tattoos to see why. Ostein's clean, detailed style makes for one beautiful use of dotwork tattooing, there's also some fine linework thrown in too. Simply put, if you like clean contemporary tattooing where fine lines and delicate dots are used to perfection then you're gonna love Ostein. 

If you're still unsure whether Ostein's work is your thing take a look at these great dotwork tattoos and once you're a fan be sure to give him a follow over on Instagram! But for now just sit back and take in some true dotwork brilliance! 

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