Dotwork And Geometric Linework Tattoo Collection Of Allan Tattooer

Dotwork And Geometric Linework Tattoo Collection Of Allan Tattooer

Stunning linework by talented Allan Tattooer will inspire you to get your own tattoo done.

Allan Tattooer, a Brazilian tattoo artist from Sao Paolo, creates some beautiful linework and dotwork tattoos. The reason that Allan's ornamental work is so jaw dropping, is the level of precision that his linework has, there is nary a stray or crooked line. It is in his mandalas that this becomes so evident. Each one is packed to the gills with detail, and it only enhances the beauty. However, don't be mistaken into thinking Allan's skill is only seen in his mandalas, his art consists of various elements such as animals, flowers, and different ornamental symbols.

If you are into beautiful and artistic tattoos in a delicate style such as linework, then this awesome collection is for you. Enjoy! 

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Check out more of Allan's amazing work here!

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