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Funky Shark Tattoos by Havit Tattooer

Shark tattoos have never been so cool!

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If you haven’t seen the shark tattoos of Havit Tattooer then you’re missing out, but don’t worry I’ve got you covered!

Tattooing from Seoul, South Korea, artist Havit Tattooer is quickly becoming one of the must see tattoo artists in the world and is doing so because of his quirky shark tattoos! Using a bold, traditional inspired style, Havit tattoos all manner of sharks- from the classic great white and hammerhead to the fierce tiger shark, and every design is finished with the same funky look. Sitting among the boldest of shark tattoos, Havit’s designs may not be the most deadly looking but they are some of the coolest!

Really taking shark tattoos to the next level and making the design his own- Havit is an artist you will love.

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