High Contrast Black and Grey Tattoos by Miguel Camarillo

High Contrast Black and Grey Tattoos by Miguel Camarillo

'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' - unless it's a brilliant tattoo from Miguel Camarillo.

You'll find Miguel Camarillo at Seven Tattoo Studio in Las Vegas. While most tattoo shops of the Vegas strip deal with walk-in customers, Camarillo has clients booking in to get one of his masterpiece black and grey tattoos. 

His online portfolio consists of everything from family portraits and flowers, to statues and religious pieces. Each piece is meticulously worked on by Camarillo, as he injects his style of high contrast black and grey shading.  The brilliant use of blank space and sin breaks adds almost a bright light quality to his pieces, highlighting his artistic talents.  

If you leave Vegas with a Miguel Camarillo tattoo that's one thing you won't be regretting about your trip.  

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