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Magnificent Neo Traditional Tattoos by Adam Knowles

Solid shades and clean designs are what neo traditional is all about.

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Looking for a killer neo traditional artist? Then check out Adam Knowles.

Exciting designs in a killer style is what Adam Knowles is all about and his work is up there with the best of them. A young artist who's only getting better and better, Knowles is a guy you need to know and one any tattoo fan can get on board with. Creating cool neo traditional designs Knowles has his own style that gives his tattoos a different look from other neo trad body art- his brain and heart tattoo is a great example of this. 

Robert Davies
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Hannya Tattoo by Adam Knowles hannya hannyatattoo neotraditionalhannya
Hannya Tattoo by Adam Knowles #hannya #hannyatattoo #neotraditionalhannya

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You can see more of Knowles' great tattoos over on Instagram so be sure to check him out.


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