Ornamented Blackwork Tattoos by Anastasiya Pakhanova

Ornamented Blackwork Tattoos by Anastasiya Pakhanova

Dotwork and linework make for some beautifully ornamented tattoos by Anastasiya Pakhanova.

Anastasiya Pakhanova, based out of St. Petersburg, Russa, uses dotwork and linework to bring depth and life to simple images such as animals and flowers. She uses mostly black ink and creates different hues of black and grey with her delicate shading abilities. 

Anastasiya tattoos out of Sasha Tattooing, a well-known tattoo studio in St. Petersburg. Other artists from Sasha Tattooing include Sasha Masiuk and Anna Bravo, who also specialize in dotwork and linework, particularly in the area of flowers.  

To see more of what Sasha Tattooing has to offer, check out the Stylish And Delicate Blackwork Of Talented Sasha Masiuk

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