Sketch Watercolor Tattoos by Sandro Stagnitta

Sketch Watercolor Tattoos by Sandro Stagnitta

You'll love the bellisima tattoos from this Sicilian artist.

From sketch to skin, Sandro Stagnitta adds a watercolor spin to his tattoos. 

Based at The Good Fellas Tattoo Studio in Palermo, Sicily, Stagnitta alternates between brushstroke, sketch, and fine black lines to create the outline of necessary lines and shapes within his tattoos. Some of his pieces require no outline at all - his brushstroke watercolor tattoos are easily readable and are just as beautiful. 

The sketch watercolor style can be applied to just about any subject matter. Check out Sandro Stagnitta's pieces below and get inspired! 

All pictures via Sandro Stagnitta on Instagram. 

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