Start a Riot with these Emotive Paramore Tattoos!

Start a Riot with these Emotive Paramore Tattoos!

These Paramore tattoos will show you what you'll get when you let your heart win!

We all have that one band we sung our hearts out to in high school — the one you saved up to see when you found out they were playing somewhere near your city. To many, Paramore made the biggest musical impact in their formative years. 

With the band's upbeat, alternative rock sound and lyrics that are bound to keep playing back in your head, they made their way into the charts and into the mainstream music scene. It's also quite difficult to miss their fiery-haired frontwoman, who quickly became a contemporary music icon to many female musicians and female-fronted bands trying to make it in the scene. 

Despite band dramas and controversies in recent years, Paramore carries on with tracks and memories that will forever be a part of my playlists and forgotten mixtapes. No matter how much they've changed, they'll always have a part of me the same way they'll always be a part of these devoted fans' bodies.

Australian tattoo artist Lauren Winzer once caught the eye of Paramore's Hayley Williams with an amazing Paramore-inspired tattoo which she designed for a client. Williams liked it so much that the singer even expressed her wish to get tattooed by Winzer if she ever visited Australia again.

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