Stunning Geometric and Illustrative Tattoos by Paul Davies

Stunning Geometric and Illustrative Tattoos by Paul Davies

Massive illustrative and geometric patterns formed out of dots, lines and stunning imagery.

These tattoos are truly inspiring and something worth sharing. 

Paul Davies is an amazing tattoo artist based in the UK. He does most of his amazing tattoo work in Artium Ink Kingsbridge.

Paul Davies' work is a refined and mastered approach to the illustrative and geometric black tattooing. Incorporating stunning geometric bodies of work into tattooing and adorning the human body in a very beautiful and creative manner. Paul Davies' dedication is reflected in every piece he works on. The incredible detail and brilliant composition exudes in every tattoo.

Enjoy these stunning geometric and illustrative tattoos by Paul Davies!

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Hope you guys enjoyed looking at these masterful tattoos by Paul Davies. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and see more of his amazing works! 

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