Terrific Traditional Tattoos by Travis Costello

Terrific Traditional Tattoos by Travis Costello

When there are so many different tattoo styles to choose from, sometimes only traditional will do.

Travis Costello is the man to see for big and bold traditional tattoos. Tattooing from Charleston Tattoo Company in South Carolina, Travis Costello is keeping traditional tattooing alive in a time where other styles seem to be taking over. Traditional tattoos give that feeling of nostalgia and are proven to look great on skin for decades to come. 

While most traditional tattoos generally don't have overtly obvious deep meanings, they're a reminder that we can like tattoos for the simple reason that they're tattoos, or because we just like the imagery. 

For clean, simple and brilliantly executed traditional tattoos, check out the work of Travis Costello! 

To get even more of a traditional tattoo fix, follow Travis Costello on Instagram.

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