The Delightfully Tongue-In-Cheek Tattoos of Shannon Perry

The Delightfully Tongue-In-Cheek Tattoos of Shannon Perry

Seattlelite Shannon Perry took a handful from the dregs of her thoughts and imaginations and turned them into kooky offbeat tattoos.

If you live around Seattle and are pretty in tune with their every lovely art and music scene then you probably have stumbled upon the name Shannon Perry. It's hard not to miss her at one of her shows with her pop band, Gazebos, either. Shannon is one of those tattoo artists by day, musician by night type of people who likes doing their own thing. She dances to the tune of her own guitar and lives by the buzz of her machine.

Jack O'Lantern tattoo by Shannon Perry. #ShannonPerry #linebased #linework #offbeat #jackolantern

Shannon Perry the tattoo artist is just as eccentric and demiurgic as her stage persona — only with less glam rock makeup and accoutre. Early in her career, Shannon strived to deviate from any specific style in tattoos as she wanted to avoid being associated with or labeled by any tattoo style in the contemporary era. 

“...I was trying to figure out how to get a tattoo that would be simple and un-styled enough, so that in 10-20 years, it wouldn’t be pinned down to a certain era,” she told Lyynks. “I figured the only way to avoid going out of style was to avoid style altogether.”

Nihilist tattoo by Shannon Perry. #ShannonPerry #linebased #linework #offbeat #heart #nihilist

The 35-year-old tattoo artist, who first started tattooing herself without the intention of pursuing it as a career, describes her unconventional works as line-based and alternative. Her works often feature hilarious, satirical, and the most random things ever — from Disney princesses with the word ‘YOLO’ to hyperrealistic gems meshed with line-based designs. If you like tattoo artists like @seanfromtexas, you're going to love Shannon Perry.

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“Music is my favorite. I'm lucky that I get to do my second favorite [tattoo artist] as a job. You wouldn't want to do your favorite for a job. It would ruin it,” Shannon told The Stranger.

Follow Shannon on Instagram.

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