The Lovely Blackwork Masked Characters Of Santa Cara

The Lovely Blackwork Masked Characters Of Santa Cara

Sail away into a nostalgic childhood dream with the dreamy blackwork mask tattoos by French tattooer, Santa Cara.

Classy and refined, that's how I would define the blackwork style. There are so many ways to experiment with blackwork and there's no shortage of tattoo artists willing to transform blackwork tattoos into innovative pieces that give ink a whole new meaning. One of the contemporary takes on blackwork I am most fond of is the woodcut and storybook style tattoos made popular by artists like Lisa Orth and Susanne König

Santa Cara is a promising blackwork tattoo artist based in France who caught my eye with her dreamy set of blackwork tattoos featuring masked characters in a series she lovingly captions with, ‘childhood mood.’ These masked characters vary from foxes and cats to beloved fictional childhood icons like Elmo and Care Bears. She offers them in lovely flashes ready to spread the ‘childhood mood’ nostalgia in your skin.

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