Vivid Neo Traditional Tattoos by Alejandro Lopez

An impressively dynamic neo traditional style is what you get with Alejandro Lopez.

21inkedd8 months ago in Tattoo Artists

The perfect tattoo inspiration, Lopez’s work is something special!

When you think of neo traditional tattoos you think of classic designs reimagined in a more contemporary composition and packed with quality- factors which the work of Alejandro Lopez most certainly embodies. A classy artist with a killer neo traditional style, Lopez uses bold colors to bring life to his work and their bright finish really captures your eye.

Sitting on the more refined neo traditional side of things Lopez still embodies the classic elements of old school tattooing but the execution is definitely contemporary. Overall, his work is awesome and certainly worth your time, so kick back and check out his epic work below.

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Red Panda Tattoo by Alejandro Lopez #redpanda #redpandatattoo #neotraditionalredpanda
Red Panda Tattoo by Alejandro Lopez #redpanda #redpandatattoo #neotraditionalredpanda

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