10 Dark Blackwork Evil Goat Tattoos

Animal tattoos never fail to inspire and these rad blackwork goat tattoos are here to prove it.

21inkedd7 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Animal tattoos are always a popular choice, you've got the classic big cats and birds and of course the more obscure but equally popular designs like bulls, horses, rams and goats! Now while many would think of a goat tattoo as a somewhat random design, the goat has in fact become a very popular design, especially in a traditional or blackwork style. 

A traditional symbol of power, procreation and health - goats also have a dark symbolism that ties into satanic beliefs and practices- it's fair to say then that this dark symbolism goes perfectly with a dark blackwork style. Blackwork goat tattoos are an awesome tattoo choice and one that holds a wonderfully bold look. Take a look at these blackwork goat tattoos and get some sweet inspiration.