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10 Spectacular Large Hannya Tattoos

Hannya tattoos: go big or go home!

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A classic Japanese design is brought to life in a big way! In Japanese tattooing few images are as recognized and as popular as the hannya. Used in traditional Noh theater, the hannya mask is a representation of a jealous female demon who was once said to be a woman driven by obsession and jealousy. Depicted as having two horns, a wide grinning mouth and piercing eyes, few images are as powerful as the hannya which is why they make such cool tattoos!

Hannya tattoos come in all shapes and sizes but they are perhaps at their best when they're big. Whether a full front or back tattoo, a hannya design is one that never fails to disappoint and bigger is certainly better! Take a look at these large hannya tattoos and enjoy some big, bold Japanese tattooing.

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