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12 Badass Assassins Creed Tattoos

The gaming world's finest assassins look epic in ink!

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Assassins Creed tattoos bring your favorite characters to life on your skin!

Spanning numerous games, DLC's, books, comics and now a movie the Assassins Creed franchise is one of gamings most recognized and successful series. Following members of the Assassin order and their fight against the Templars that has continued through history, Assassins Creed has brought us many iconic characters and settings. From Altair and the crusades, Ezio Auditore in the Renaissance to Edward Kenway and the Golden Age of Piracy the series does not disappoint and makes one awesome tattoo subject! 

Assassins Creed tattoos sit at the top of gaming tattoos and are some of the best game inspired designs. Featuring your favorite assassins, these Assassins Creed tattoos are totally badass, so kick back and take in some deadly ink! 

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