21 My Little Pony Tattoos that will Bring Sparkles to your Life

21 My Little Pony Tattoos that will Bring Sparkles to your Life

Never grow up and shine bright like a diamond with the world's sparkliest and cutest toy ponies ever!

When the creators of My Little Pony sculpted the first pieces of what would be a multi-million dollar franchise, they didn't think that their little, cutesy brand would soon blow up into a hyped, well-loved series that even grown men would love. 

In fact, there's even a separate subculture for these guys where they call themselves, ‘bronies.’ But can you blame them? These things are just too cute, and I'm not even surprised to see both young girls and grown-ass women — and men — lining up for these little darlings. The love does not stop there because these little ponies make such cute tattoos. Pinkwork tattooers got you covered!

Click here for more awesome works by Sam Whitehead.

Girly style tattoos may not be Roman Scherbakov's thing but he's still got a lot to give!

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