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8 Bizarre Kasa-Obake Tattoos

Quirky Japanese tattoos are always a fun source of inspiration!

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Fun, weird and just bizarre enough to be cool, Kasa-Obake tattoos have a lot to offer.

In all of Japanese myth and legend few things are as interesting and weird as the Kasa-Obake. Also known as a karakasa-obake, kasa-bake and karakasa kozo, the Kasa-Obake is a mythical ghost that old umbrellas are said to turn into. Depicted as an aged umbrella with one eye, one leg and occasionally two arms the Kasa-Obake is a pretty out there thing, but boy does it make a cool tattoo! 

Done in a traditional Japanese style or not Kasa-Obake tattoos will always catch your eye and most likely have you trying to work out what exactly it is. Frequently tattoos as a filler design Kasa-Obake tattoos are bound to give you some inspiration and if not they're still cool to look at, so sit back and enjoy some truly bizarre tattoos! 

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