8 Menacing Green Goblin Tattoos

These Green Goblin tattoos are well suited for all the Spider Man fans!

21inkedd7 months ago in Entertainment

The Green Goblin is one of the best, he's an iconic bad guy and one we never get tired of. For over 50 years the Green Goblin has terrorized Spider Man time and again, but through all the Goblin's incarnations, it's Norman Osborne that remains the best. Osborne was the original Green Goblin and is the one most people remember, he's also the Goblin that people get tattooed! menacing and looks epic in ink! 

Green Goblin makes a freaky, but cool tattoo, the dramatic costume of the Goblin makes a badass subject to have on your skin. I mean he's a green monster that throws pumpkin bombs from a hover board- what's not to love! Check out these awesome Green Goblin tattoos and get inspired by some always impressive supervillain body art!