Beautiful and Elegant Japanese Style Tattoos by Horiokami

Beautiful and Elegant Japanese Style Tattoos by Horiokami

Massive elegant tattoos are truly something to behold, but Horiokami also manages to wow with smaller Japanese style tattoos.

The elegant and ever stunning Japanese style takes hard work and dedication in the craft of tattooing. Tailored to fit each collector, the craftsman must have sufficient knowledge and skill to execute a well done horimono, tattoo.

Lupo Horiokami is an amazing tattoo artist from Vicenza, Italy. He works at Mushin Studio. A skillful tattooer who manages to take the Japanese style classic and breathe new life into it. With his sufficient knowledge of the craft and its heritage, the tattoo work exudes authenticity, elegance and sincerity. 

The tattoo application is solid and will truly stand the test of the years to come. The aesthetic of his work reflects a very knowledgeable approach to the composition of the design. Placement and skin coverage of the tattoos adhere to the classic Japanese look. Horiokami's tattoos are such beautiful works and are definitely worth sharing to tattoo lovers around the world.

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