Cool and Creepy Leatherface Tattoos

Awesome Leatherface portraits of the true to life serial killer from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre done in various tattoo styles.

minerva7 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an American horror film set in 1974 and based on chilling true-to-life events.

The film follows a group of friends roadtripping to Texas and unfortunately landing in a remote territory of a psychotic family, where one member is a serial killer named "Leatherface". This unidentified killer is known to skin his victims and wear it over his face as a mask. 

I've seen this film, got scared to death by it, and find Leatherface really creepy. Horror and thriller fans who've seen this movie, myself included, find these cool and creepy Leatherface tattoos really interesting as it makes a dark and interesting tattoo. Here we have the famous killer tattooed in various styles. Which style creeps you out the most