Cute Disney Character Tattoos by Jackie Huertas

Cute Disney Character Tattoos by Jackie Huertas

All your favorite Disney characters re-imagined in these cute traditional style tattoos.

Aside from Disneyland, DaVinci Tattoo in Wantagh, New York could quite possibly be the second happiest place on Earth. 

A self-proclaimed Disney fanatic, Jackie Huertas must love being able to spend her days tattooing like-minded people. When an artist has a real passion for the tattoos they're creating, you know just how much love has gone into the piece. Disney films are something we've all grown up with, and many still love today. A simple traditional tattoo brings back so many happy memories and makes for such a timeless tattoo. 

Enjoy these cute cartoon character tattoos and then put on your all-time favorite Disney movie. 

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