David Beckham Gets New Tattoo, Gives Us Excuse to Post Hot Pics of Him

David Beckham Gets New Tattoo, Gives Us Excuse to Post Hot Pics of Him

Let's just call it what it is.

And today on "David Beckham Gets Another Fucking Tattoo," we have.. a horse. That's right, the hottest man in existence (this is fact, not personal opinion) has added a majestic black horse to his ever-growing collection of body art, this time- right smack dab on his neck. 

David Beckham's new tattoo, as posted by his wife #VictoriaBeckham on Instagram #davidbeckham #celebrity

Beckham's wife, Posh Spice, posted this photo to Instagram with the caption "Amazing artist Mark Mahoney @Shamrocksocialclub @davidbeckham X kisses from Los Angeles, VB."

Beckham's probably the most famously heavily tattooed celebrity of this day and age- and we're always pretty excited to see what his latest additions are. While he typically leans toward more religious imagery or even beautiful, swirling script- he pulled a wild card this time and went with an animal portrait; more specifically, a very valiant-looking horse. 

David Beckham with a horse, but like... ho honestly gives a fuck about the horse. #davidbeckham #celebrity

We don't really know what the reasoning behind the horse is, but honestly- who gives a shit. Maybe he rides horses. I don't know. He posted this picture after the fact- maybe it's that horse? I don't know. Could be. Idk. He got a horse tattoo. It's nice looking. We like it. You probably like it. He definitely likes it, and that's all that matters. So, there ya have it. Another tattoo added to Beckham's collection, and another extremely valid reason for me to pick the hottest pictures of him on Google out and put them in an article. It is what it is. 

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