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Emrah Ozhan's Alternative Geometric Dotwork Tattoos

Istanbul-based tattooist Emrah Ozhan is stretching the bounds of geometry, pointillism, and cosmic elements with his alternative tattoos.

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What I saw in Emrah Ozhan's works was a mix of many different elements blended together in one, big cosmic bowl of alternatively styled tattoos; a dandelion formed by constellations, a miniature planet encasing a dotwork mountain scenery, and overlaying camera tattoos in an array of various colors of ink. The Turkish artist explored geometry, abstract minimalism, and fine pointillism in his works.

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He usually designs in dotwork, working around the details with geometric-inspired elements and patterns. Emrah focuses on concrete imagery rather than the abstractness of his works. Although he does create minimalistic abstract designs now and then which I find similar to Stanislaw Wilczynski's sole style.

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    The 35-year-old artist also has a long list of projects under his belt any artist would be proud of. Emrah considers himself a multifaceted tattoo artist, having gone to an art high school and then studying graphic arts for college, giving him all the time in the world to develop as an independent artist. He prides in having his interest in tattooing piqued in high school and then going on to open his own tattoo studio a while after.

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