Eyebrows On Fleek: Cosmetic Tattoos by Audrey Glass

Eyebrows On Fleek: Cosmetic Tattoos by Audrey Glass

Step up your brow game and book an appointment now with one of Canada's finest cosmetic tattoo artists, Audrey Glass of Sashiko Studios!

You'll never have to be late for work taking an extra 20 minutes to prep your eyebrows if you've gone to Audrey Glass. Splitting her time between branches in Los Angeles and British Columbia, Audrey works full-time for the renowned cosmetic tattoo studio, Sashiko Studio, which is famous for their tebori technique. Audrey mastered the fine line technique required in order to mimic the fine hairs in eyebrows and make the cosmetic tattoos look as natural as possible. From blondes to raven-haired beauties, Audrey's got you covered.

Like any tattoo, eyebrow tats also fade, which is why they require touch-ups every now and then. They are also quite pricey, so have at least half a thousand bucks saved up in order to achieve that 24/7 eyebrows on fleek chic.

Aside from brows, Audrey also does a splendid job with freckle tattoos — they're the cutest. You no longer have to risk it and fry yourselves outdoors trying to achieve that perfect face constellation.

For inquires, you may want to hit Audrey up on her website.

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