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Football Ref Gets Tattoos After Refereeing Both UEFA Finals Matches!

Mark Clattenburg celebrates a big year refereeing both the UEFA Champions and Euro Finals matches with tattoos!

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It's not every day that a referee makes headlines for their tattoos! Football referee Mark Clattenburg has certainly had a big year, not only did he oversee the 2016 FA Cup Final but followed it up by taking charge of both the UEFA Champions League Final in Milan and the UEFA Euro Final in Paris! It's safe to say then that 2016 will be a year not soon forgotten by Clattenburg, especially with his new tattoos! 

Naturally a football tattoo story is nothing new, but it's not very often that the person in question is an official instead of a player. Considered one of the best referees in the world today, Clattenburg decided to commemorate his last two finals with two tattoos, one for the Champions League final and one for the Euros.  


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    Clattenburg got the tattoos earlier this month while holidaying in Spain, visiting Mick Mahon Tattoo Parlor the celebrated ref left a little more decorated than before. 

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    What do you make of Clattenburg getting in on the football tattoo game? Be sure to let us know in the comments! 


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