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Harmonic Blackwork: The Beautiful Work of Roma Severov

Adore these amazing illustrative tattoos of Roma Severov combining blackwork, dotwork and linework in one.

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Roma Severov, a talented tattoo artist based in Warsaw, Poland, is a great example of someone who creates fine line geometric patterns and adds a touch of softness in his tattoos. He creates elegant compositions filled with delicate floral art and geometric elements.

Paula Zeikmane
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Brilliant blackwork, fine lines and dotwork combination can be quite appealing to a delicate tattoo lover. Discover the beauty of blackwork with an ornamental touch in these amazing tattoos by Roma Severov. 


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    Paula Zeikmane
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    Awesome geometry inspired flower circle SeverovRomaTattooer floral flower circle geometric blackwork
    Awesome geometry inspired flower circle #SeverovRomaTattooer #floral #flower #circle #geometric #blackwork

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    Paula Zeikmane
    From Tattoodo App

    For more of his incredible work be sure to check out Roma's Instagram.


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