Impressive Ornamental Tattoos by Mona Wanner

Bringing the elegance of dotwork geometry closer to fashion and fine arts.

Some tattoos can adorn a body better than any jewel. The ornamental tattoos of Mona Wanner are surpassing haute couture dresses and other luxurious accessories.

Mona Wanner works in a private studio in Innsbruck, Austria. She specializes in dotwork, blackwork, and geometric tattoos. Intricate and refined, Mona Wanner's tattoos are inspired by mandala and sacred geometry. They adorn the body with a bold elegance. If you crave dainty ornamental tattoos, then you are definitely in the right place!

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Badass backpiece by Mona Wanner #MonaWanner #ornamental #geometric #dotwork #negativespace #mandala
Badass backpiece by Mona Wanner #MonaWanner #ornamental #geometric #dotwork #negativespace #mandala

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