Intense Black and Red Tattoos by Yann Black

Intense Black and Red Tattoos by Yann Black

Yann Black's graphic red and black tattoos are unlike anything else!

The work of Yann Black is as innovative as tattooing gets!

Tattoos that change the way you think and look at tattooing are always the best - and the work of Yann Black does just that. Montreal-based Yann tattoos some of the most off the wall and out the box black and red designs, graphic in style. Yann's tattoos don't really fit into a category but rather create their own genre- and if they do one thing... - it will be changing the way you see tattoos.

Blending the boundaries of modern tattooing and contemporary art Black's tattoos have everything going for them and even if you're unsure of them you can appreciate the creativity behind the designs. Be sure to check out more of Black's creative tattoos on Instagram and give the guy a follow! 

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