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It's Face Tattoo Battle Time! Hillary vs. Trump Edition

This time you guys were the tattoo artists in the Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump edition of FACE TATTOO BATTLE!

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If you tuned in to our Snapchat (@ TattoodoTV) last week you saw we challenged you to a face tattoo battle between the two presidential candidates! 

Here's a selection of your artwork peeps 🤘 Let the battle begin!

1. The MexiCan't Enter vs. Pokémon 

Gotta tat 'em all - nuf' said! Trump 0 - Hillary 1

2. Dolla dolla bill yall vs. The Unibrow  

We like 'em natural...but a tweezer might be needed in this case! Trump 1 - Hillary 1

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3. Tongue vs. Dollar side face 

Side face tattoos always win! Trump 1 - Hillary 2

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4. "You're fired!" vs. "The DeathEater"

She-who-must-not-be-named takes this one! AVADA KEDAVRA! Trump 1 - Hilary 3

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And the winner is...

It's pretty clear that if tattoo quality were to decide who's gonna move into The White House - there would be no doubt! Hillary is the best canvas!

So, by split decision Hillary takes the win of our first Snapchat Face Tattoo Battle! And Hillary, just in case you're interested in getting one of these lovely/ridiculous tattoos - it's on us! 😉 

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See more fun snaps @ TattoodoTV !

If you missed the challenge, don't cry! 😥 Another one is just around the corner so make sure to add us on Snapchat @ TattoodoTV

How It Works:

1. You'll receive a Face Tattoo Battle Snap from Tattoodo 

2. You take a screenshot of one (or both) contestants 

3. Let your creativity loose - draw the most awesome tattoos, add stickers, and go bonkers! 

4. Send your masterpiece back to us via Snapchat 

The battle has begun! We will feature the best punk edits like you just witnessed above! 👊🏼

Thanks for all the laughs! Stay tuned for the next round! 



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