#megandreamtattoo Ideas To Inspire You All

Dreams do come true! All you have to do is to share your #megandreamtattoo ideas with us and you might get lucky.

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Megan’s tattoo style is a vivid combination of neo traditional, new school and realism highlighting feminine themes and subjects such as “dia de los muertos” girls, sugar skulls, pet portraits, and flowers. She is definitely an outstanding tattoo artist who has left her mark in the tattoo scene.

UPDATE: This competition has ended.

As many of you already know, Tattoodo is hosting another exciting competition where you can win a FREE trip to New York City to get your very own tattoo by the one and only - Megan Massacre! We encourage all tattoo enthusiasts to enter the competition and think outside the box with their #megandreamtattoo! Here are some fun ones that have been uploaded to the app:

CarlyFrom Tattoodo App
#megandreamtattoo ❤
EdgarFrom Tattoodo App
Blue Mermaid. #meganmassacre #megandreamtattoo
Blue Mermaid. #meganmassacre #megandreamtattoo
JoshFrom Tattoodo App
Marcelo VargasFrom Tattoodo App
#megandreamtattoo #meganmassacre #megan I WOULD LOVE TO GET THIS ARM PIECE DONE BY MEGAN IN HER OWN STYLE
#megandreamtattoo #meganmassacre #megan I WOULD LOVE TO GET THIS ARM PIECE DONE BY MEGAN IN HER OWN STYLE
Luis NietoFrom Tattoodo App
This is my #MeganDreamTattoo
This is my #MeganDreamTattoo

Want a trip to see the studio for yourself, and while you're at it get a free tattoo by Megan Massacre?! This is how!

1) Download the Tattoodo App (iPhone or Android)

2) Upload your #megandreamtattoo   

3) You're in!

Once you've downloaded the Tattoodo app and created a profile, all you have to do is to upload an image of the tattoo you want Megan to tattoo on you using the hashtag #megandreamtattoo - and you're in! 

But that's not it- the best part is that you'll be part of a community where you can share your tattoos and connect with tons of fellow tattoo enthusiasts and artists!

Read more about the competition here: Tattoodo contest - Win a NYC trip to get tattooed by Megan Massacre

TattoodoFrom Tattoodo App
Tattoodo competition #megandreamtattoo #meganmassacre
Tattoodo competition #megandreamtattoo #meganmassacre

If you're the lucky winner, Tattoodo will fly you to NYC, where you will enjoy a 3-night stay and get tattooed by the legend, Megan Massacre, at her renowned NY studio, Grit n' Glory, ALL FOR FREE. 

We will be announcing the winner on October 15th, 2016.

It’s totally free and anyone aged 18+ can enter. 

Good luck! 

Download the app for iPhone or Android!

Remember to give @megan_massacre a follow once you've logged into the app!